1. Professional Staff
All PMC staff undergo an extensive FBI background check. The majority of alarm operators employed by PMC have multiple years of experience in the business of alarm monitoring.

2. Professional Equipment
PMC uses high quality, state-of-the-art, equipment to receive alarm signals from customers' alarm systems, allowing multiple formats, higher speed reporting and the latest technology.Facilities exist for the monitoring of IP based alarm systems, video systems and specialized systems.

3. Operator Expertise
All monitoring station staff receive a minimum of 8-12 weeks of training before being allowed to dispatch alarms on their own. New operators are closely monitored for a period of 6 months and receive on-going training monthly during their employment.

4. Reduced Costs
Competitive monitoring rates and simplified monitoring techniques such as reporting of False Alarms, Faults, Mechanical problems, and malfunctions to your alarm servicing company improves the reliability of your alarm service, reduces and prevents costly false alarms, and helps keep costs to a minimum.

5. Technical Support
PMC provides technical support to all alarm Dealers in the area of transmission format programming and in many cases, our operators can help resolve minor problems over the phone with the end user.

6. 100% Redundancy
Paragon Monitoring Center is designed to meet or exceed Underwriters Laboratories Standard UL 827. All electronic receiving equipment, computers and standby power supply equipment have redundant backup units. All technical equipment is supported and maintained by in house personnel 24 hours a day. All vital information is backed up and archived several times every day.

7. Station Performance
Sophisticated computer software developed by one of the World's leading Central Station Automation Software Companies (SIMS) ensures that all alarm events are processed accurately and efficiently without delay. Call logging and computer data tracking systems enable performance to be monitored and constantly improved.

8. Local Monitoring
Local, regional or national monitoring -- with that "right next door" kind of approach. With today's new digital telephone switching networks and our "Dealer Unique" toll free numbers, there is virtually no difference between monitoring alarm systems across the street or across the country! Located in "climate stable" Western Oregon, where weather is rarely an issue, we provide reliable alarm monitoring throughout the country. Paragon Monitoring Center is ready to monitor and respond to ever-changing Police response policies, crime patterns or other conditions which may impact the way in which alarms are handled. Whether it's local, regional or nation-wide monitoring, you'll get a "better than national rate" at the "right next door" price.

9. Locally Owned and Operated
PMC is 100% locally owned and operated. It has no business Interests in other parts of the Country, allowing it to operate autonomously of "corporate head offices." This allows PMC to keep on top of changing technology, provide jobs for local people and contribute to the state of Oregon economy.

10. Integrity
PMC is one of 6 UL Listed monitoring stations in Oregon and is the only Full Service Fire UL Central Station in the state. PMC, through its parent corporation is a member of the OBFAA (Oregon Burglar and Fire Alarm Association) and the NBFAA. We are actively involved in developing and maintaining standards on both a local and national level for the alarm industry.
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