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VIDEOFIED™ security systems deliver police when you need them - through video verified alarms. We have an Upgrade Kit for existing installed intrusion alarms as well as a complete solution for new installations. Both are available with the GPRS cell notification for TOTALLY wireless video security anywhere. As an additional service, both can deliver the video of what caused the alarm to a cell phone.

Secure yourself with faster police response and a video record of what caused the alarm. Police treat video verified alarms as a “Crime in Progress” and respond faster than for a routine alarm. Even in non-dispatch areas, police are still motivated to catch bad guys. Video verification makes law enforcement more efficient and provides greater security to the property owner.

Outdoor Video Security Solutions
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We have been providing installation and monitoring of the VIDEOFIED™ video alarm systems since 2007. We provide customization in how we respond to each  VIDEOFIED™ system, determined by you and our helpful sales staff. OurVIDEOFIED™ receivers are state-of-the-art Dell servers, running the latest Frontel VIDEOFIED™ receiver software. With dual high-speed IP "pipes" and redundant server/receivers, we're ready to handle all of your VIDEOFIED™ system needs now and well into the future.

VIDEOFIED™ is a complete alarm system and is available with a full range of accessories including:
P-Cam: the integrated camera/motion sensor
Universal Door/Window Contacts
Interior Sirens
Exterior Siren/Strobe
Control Panels

The system is entirely wireless for clean and efficient installation. Entirely battery powered, there is not even an A/C connection. Four year battery life means a minimum of maintenance. VIDEOFIED™ can integrate up to 24 cameras in a single system.

VIDEOFIED™ systems are most commonly installed using a standard cellular SIM card and communicating over the GPRS data side of the cellular network, for "totally wireless" operation. Systems can also be setup to commmunicate using standard phone lines, or over the Internet using an Ethernet connection.

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