Paragon Monitoring Center

Our staff undergoes extensive FBI background checks as part of a state licensing process through the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST).

Tap for more Videofied information Each alarm operator goes through 8-10 weeks of training before beginning to dispatch on alarms. Each operator is licensed by the DPSST as an "Alarm Monitor" for the state of Oregon, including reciprocity with several other states.

The owners and management of Paragon Monitoring Center have been involved in the Alarm Industry in Oregon for over 30 years. Two of our senior management staff have served as President of the Oregon Burglar and Fire Alarm Association as well as serving on other alarm related boards, committees and councils.

We are committed to serving the needs of alarm companies in the Pacific Nortwest and across the nation by providing quality alarm monitoring for residential, commercial, and industrial establishments.

Located in a secured room inside a concrete building, our facility is protected by fully automated security and fire alarm systems. Closed circuit television cameras placed around the facility allow our staff to constantly monitor the level of security inside, and outside, the building.

A secured and protected standby generator, as well as extensive battery backup and surge suppression on all mission critical equipment, ensure that we are always ready to receive and dispatch on alarm signals.

We provide U.L. Listed Central Station Alarm Monitoring, which means our facility, staff and equipment have been audited and inspected by Underwriters Laboratories and certified to meet or exceed the requirements for Central Station Alarm Monitoring.

State of the art alarm-receiving equipment, coupled with redundant computer network hardware, enables our staff to constantly monitor alarms with zero "down time."

Highly sophisticated computer software developed by Security Information Management Systems ensures that all alarm events are processed accurately and efficiently without delay. Call logging and computer data tracking systems enable operating performance to be monitored and constantly improved.

Paragon Monitoring Center is locally owned and operated, which enables us to operate independently of any "corporate headquarters." This allows PMC to provide jobs for local people and participate in and contribute to the Oregon economy. 2003- :: Privacy Policy :: Terms Of Use